The Waterfowl is a small seaside property located on the southeast coast of Evia, next to the Royal Evia.

Located about 80 kilometers north of the city of Chalkida, in a fertile plain near the sea.

The Loon offers a natural and scenic beauty, with beautiful beaches and serene waters. The extensive sandy beaches, such as the Limenari, Mourtias the Ροδακι Agia Anna, offer an ideal place for relaxation and water clearance. Guests can enjoy the sun and the sea, swim in the clear waters or relax on the beach.

Apart from the beaches, Waterfowl also offers interesting options for hiking and exploration. Guests can discover the beautiful nature of the area, walking along the trails that lead to beautiful landscapes and traditional villages. In addition, there are options for fishing and water sports, offering a range of activities for lovers of adventure.

The property also has a couple of tavernas and coffee shops that offer local cuisine and seafood dishes, while guests can also enjoy fresh fish caught directly from the local fishermen.

The Waterfowl is a picturesque location on the island of Evia, which offers a calm and peaceful destination for those seeking relaxation, natural beauty and maritime clearance. It is an ideal destination to enjoy your holiday in the beautiful Greek countryside.



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